Low-Tide Labyrinth Memorial Walk Cape Cod 2016

NancyENancy Labyrinth 4E

Nancy Labyrinth 5E

Nancy Labyrinth 6EWe walked the labyrinth as a memo­r­ial to our friend Nancy who died last Decem­ber. She was an avid swim­mer and for many years lived on Cape Cod. She was part of our group of five that were great friends from High School and beyond. We will miss her. The fish is made with self-hardening clay and like the labyrinth, will be safely reclaimed by the ocean with the high tide.

A Celebration of Pilgrimage—Coming in 2016


Sacred Cor­ners” 17 x 23 inch Giclée Print by Carl Sesto

“Unlike a jour­ney, a pil­grim­age is a jour­ney into the land­scape of the soul.” —Vivi­enne Hull

We will be host­ing an evening talk and slide shows on the sub­ject of Pil­grim­age at the Car­riage House on the Maud­slay Estate in New­bury­port, Ma in Jan­u­ary or Feb­ru­ary of 2016. Carl Sesto and Rose Russo will present images and speak about the pil­grim­age they took in North West Spain trav­eled since the 12th cen­tury, San­ti­ago De Com­postella and Joanne Row­ley will present her images of the pil­grim­age to Iona, a small island off the coast of Scot­land where the Book of Kells was worked on dur­ing the 10th century.

I will be post­ing more infor­ma­tion when we set the date. This is sure to be an inspir­ing evening of shar­ing. I look for­ward to see­ing you there. Cameron

Four Rivers of Life

pathwaysPath­ways    char­coal by Cameron

Many tra­di­tional soci­eties believe that the Four Rivers of Life—Inspiration, Chal­lenge, Sur­prise, and Love—sustain them, and con­nect them to great gifts. They also believe that if they fail to stay con­nected to these rivers, they suc­cumb to “walk­ing the pro­ces­sion of the liv­ing dead: and begin to expe­ri­ence soul loss, depres­sion, stag­na­tion, or other man­i­fes­ta­tions of ace­dia.” ~Ange­les Arrien, The Sec­ond Half of Life



Ideas, art projects, or rela­tion­ship con­cerns that have yet to be brought into the light of my under­stand­ing are gain­ing strength below the sur­face of my aware­ness. I am always in these cycles of incu­ba­tion and man­i­fes­ta­tion. The seed needs time to develop before it can be harvested.

This brings up a con­ver­sa­tion of risk and fear. C says, “When you’re ready, there is no risk.” But I’m won­der­ing if risk isn’t pro­ceed­ing in the face of fear—moving through and learn­ing from the uncer­tainty, rather than wait­ing for a feel­ing of safety.




Dry River Bed MemoriesDry River Bed Mem­o­ries, mono­print by Cameron Sesto
Dry River Bed Memories


What moves me at this time of my life, on this jour­ney, are the things that seem sim­ple and are cre­ations that cling to the tides of life like the water marks, dents and designs in the flesh of the sand. The sea washes ashore cre­at­ing these ruts that keep return­ing every time the ocean sweeps the sand. These return­ing cre­ations are rit­u­als every day nearby me and I am moved by how cycli­cal it all is, mak­ing life feel sim­ple … I respond to this.”    Leslie